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Anchorage Recyclers to Accept #1 Plastic Clamshell Containers in Curbside Recycling


ANCHORAGE – Today, Anchorage Solid Waste Services (SWS) and Alaska Waste announced the acceptance of additional #1 (PETE) plastic containers within curbside recycling. These new plastic items are containers for salad bars, fruits, vegetables, and clear cups. Sorting advancements in mixed recovery facilities have made the recycling of all #1 plastics feasible in Anchorage.


“We’re excited that our customers will be able to recycle more material and divert more plastics away from the landfill, thus preserving the landfill’s lifespan,” said Mark Spafford, SWS Director.


While all #1 plastics are accepted in curbside recycling, drop-off locations at the Anchorage Recycle Center, Central Transfer Station, and Anchorage Regional Landfill will only accept #1 bottles. Self-sorted PETE, such as bottles, are a distinct, higher value product grade for end use mills.


“The PETE bottles in collection bins are baled and shipped to mills as-is, so they have to remain a single grade. The commingled curbside recyclables are sorted before shipment to a mill, allowing for more PETE grades to be included,” said Randy Virgin, General Manager of the WestRock Anchorage Recycling Center.


“Alaska Waste is excited that all customers across the MOA, including current Alaska Waste curbside recycling customers, are able to recycle more items. This announcement makes curbside recycling easier and more convenient,” said Matt O’Connell, Alaska Waste Division Vice President.


SWS will begin outreach to their customers regarding the newly recyclable material.


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