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You'll like our Aussie Columnist Friend - What About Climate Change - ESA Destroying Central California


What a delight to hear from an Australian reader who has become an energy analyst blogger!
California's Central Valley is turning into a dust bowl thanks to EPA, a fish, a judge and California's Congressional Delegation (and, admittedly, a little help from nature).  Where are the republicans?  Stop the madness!
Is Climate change real?  Sure it is; it always has been.  Is global warming real?  Is it caused by man and can humankind affect it?  Here are the facts and a video which any elementary school child could comprehend.  Maybe there is a reason why "political scientists" refer to a "consensus that the science is settled".  We suggest they use the word, "consensus", because they have insufficient evidence to provide "proof".
*Note: Approximately 50% of our thousands of readers are Alaska influence leaders while 25% are Canadian decision makers with the last 25% hailing from other places in North America and the world -- the majority living in Washington D.C. or Houston.
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