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Wind Power Conference Highlights Alaska as Leader in Hybrid Technology


Anchorage, Alaska – March 3, 2015 - Experts from across the United States and several countries will convene tomorrow at Alaska Pacific University for a 2.5 day conference to discuss the latest techniques and technologies for utilizing wind power in remote communities. Alaska is an ideal location to host the event because the state is recognized as a world leader in remote wind-diesel hybrid systems, with more than 25 communities powered by wind.

“Alaska’s high-energy costs make it a perfect place to optimize energy technologies that might be too costly to utilize in the rest of the U.S. “ noted Chris Rose, Executive Director of the Anchorage-based Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP).  “Many of Alaska’s remote utilities have been taking advantage of the excellent local wind resources for over a decade, making Alaska a leader in wind-diesel hybrid technology. This conference is an opportunity for technical experts from national labs and universities from around the country to meet wind-diesel operators from Alaska to discuss ways to make those systems work even better.”

The conference is being hosted by the Islanded Grid Resource Center, which was created by REAP and the Island Institute in Maine to act as a knowledge center to connect people using and working on remote grids around the world.

The conference begins at noon on Wednesday, March 4 and continues through the end of the day on Friday, March 6. Conference sessions will be held in Grant Hall and Carr-Gottstein Hall and will cover technical topics such as integrating wind power into electrical grids, as well as the human capacity needs for operating and maintaining these systems. Speakers will include wind farm operators from around Alaska as well as technical experts from recognized research facilities such as the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research at Argonne National Lab, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Power Systems Integration Program that is part of the Alaska Center for Energy & Power at University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

Governor Bill Walker will also be addressing the conference on Friday, March 6.


Islanded Grid Wind Power Conference

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)


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