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ML&P Power Plant Commissioning to Produce Steam Cloud


ANCHORAGE – August 15, 2016 – As a part of scheduled commissioning activities at Municipal Light & Power’s Plant 2A expansion project, contractor Quanta Services has begun the process of steam blowing at the site of the power plant in northeast Anchorage. During this process a large, white steam cloud may be visible to Anchorage residents, specifically in the area of Muldoon Road and the Glenn Highway. The cloud is comprised of water vapor and is harmless to the general public.


The steam-blowing process is a routine activity in the commissioning of a new power plant. During the process, steam created in the plant boilers is released through the steam pipes and allowed to vent into the atmosphere. This process ensures the steam piping is clean prior to further commissioning activities.


Steam blowing activities at Plant 2A will occur at various times during the day throughout the next two weeks.


Plant 2A is ML&P’s 120-megawatt, thermal-generation power plant scheduled to open later this year. When fully commissioned, the plant will be one of the most energy-efficient thermal-generation power plants in the world.


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