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Even if you can't say it 5 times fast

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Chris Rose


Pick Click Give: Even if you can’t say the phrase five times fast (none of us can!) please consider making a Pick Click Give donation to REAP as you file for your Permanent Fund Dividend


Since 2004, REAP has been helping communities across Alaska save money through energy efficiency and renewable energy. In 2016 alone, it's estimated that homeowners and communities saved over 55 million gallons of diesel and heating oil through state energy programs that REAP helped create and has championed.  Today REAP is working to create new financing opportunities to develop projects, build human capacity to operate them and establish state energy policy that encourages energy efficiency and renewable energy. Your donation through PCG will help REAP promote the development of local, sustainable energy resources, and a more diverse Alaskan economy. 

Thank you!


Chris Rose
Executive Director


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