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Chugach Electric Storm and Outage Update

Crews working to restore power


In Girdwood, a pole was broken and two transformers failed in the woods along Timberline Drive during the storm. Crews are repairing.

Photo courtesy of Chugach Electric


First reports of outages began at approximately 11:20 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 20 and continued throughout the early morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 21.  The peak outages occurred Wednesday between 1:00 am and 9:00 am with minor occurrences until roughly 9:45 a.m.


The largest outage affected approximately 2,650 customers, when a tree  contacted a main substation circuit serving customers along Rabbit Creek Road, Old Seward Hwy., and Huffman Road.


Total customers affected for the entire storm is estimated at 4,800 at this time.


There are still 57 (out of 165) customers in Girdwood without power after a pole was broken and two transformers failed in the woods along Timberline Drive during the storm. The remaining 57 customers are expected to be without power until as late as midnight tonight. There was considerable damage, and the work has taken several hours.


Chugach Electric crews working to restore power in Girdwood. (Photos: Chugach Electric)



About 2:40 this afternoon, a truck tore down overhead lines and broke a pole near E. Klatt Road and Jerome Street, east of Lake Otis. There are 74 customers living on Jerome Street, E. Klatt Road, Dee Circle, Avion Street, and Shady Lane without power. A Chugach crew and the fire department responded to the location. Estimated time of restoration is six hours as the pole has to be replaced.



Chugach Electric statement regarding shots fired while a tree-clearing crew was working in the area of Ginami Street:

The incident reported by the Anchorage Police Department today of shots fired by a homeowner while a tree-clearing crew was working is unrelated to storm damage or repair. Chugach Electric contracts with Carlos Tree Service for year-round tree clearing of rights-of-way in order to safely maintain reliable power to our members. Trees falling into powerlines are one of the leading causes of power outages. In accordance with best practices and the National Electrical Safety Code, the rights-of-way are cleared to reduce the chance of trees or branches coming into contact with powerlines during heavy snowfall, wind, or other weather conditions.

The notification process includes mailing letters to the homes in the area of the right-of-way clearing well in advance of the work. Chugach and its contractor have a long history of working well with homeowners to inform them of the need to keep rights-of-way clear. In addition to reducing the overall number of outages each year, maintaining clear right-of-way access reduces the length of each outage, and makes the job safer for our linemen.


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