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Arctic Solar Ventures Joins Amicus Solar Cooperative and Expands to a Second Location in Anchorage


Credit: PromoRepublic

Arctic Solar Ventures, also known as ASV, announced that they have become a member-owner of the Amicus Solar Cooperative. ASV also announced that they are opening their second location in Anchorage. With seven employees and having installed over 300 kilowatts of solar PV in 2017 - ASV is the fastest growing, and largest solar company in Alaska.

Amicus is a 48 member-company cooperative that is 100% member-owned by like-minded solar companies that share a vision for premium quality, efficient operations, and ethical & responsible business practices.

Through becoming a member-owner of Amicus, ASV now purchases solar equipment at a 400-megawatt annual capacity. “Joining Amicus and opening our second location are exciting developments for us as a company and they chart our path into the next stage of our future,” says Founder and CEO of Arctic Solar Ventures, Stephen Trimble.

With the addition of its second location in Anchorage, ASV is also offering solar PV modules for retail and off-grid projects. Trimble notes,  “while we don’t do off-grid design or installation you can order PV modules from us for off-grid projects.”


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