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Arctic Solar Ventures Commited to Social Enterprise

Employs advanced approach to solar development


Arctic Solar Ventures Founder and CEO Steve Trimble, VP of Operations Jackie Savina, and VP of Business Development Chase Christie outside in the sunshine at the Anchorage Museum.


Arctic Solar Ventures was founded in April 2015 by lifelong Alaskan, Stephen Trimble. Over the course of his career in various energy industries, including his own energy consultancy, it became apparent that the rising tide of solar technology had an important role to play in the future of Alaska.


Alaska has a world class solar resource. Germany, which has the same solar resource as Alaska, has 40,000 MW (megawatts) of operating solar facilities. Britain, which has less of a solar resource than Alaska, has 13,000 MW of operating solar facilities. California, the solar capital of the United States, has 10,000 MW of operating solar facilities. Alaska has a bountiful solar resource and a massive economic opportunity to create jobs, income, and energy independence for our state. Alaska has less than 1 MW of operating solar facilities.


The solar industry is the fastest growing energy industry in the world. Local clean energy production is a proven key to national and state security. So what has changed to create this vast opportunity for Alaska? Economics and scale. Solar is a technology driven form of energy production. Its price will always go down as technology improves. As solar panels become more efficient and costs continue to drop, everyone benefits. The price of the sun will never change.


What sets Arctic Solar Ventures apart is their commitment to social enterprise and their advanced approach to solar development. Through the use of industry leading software for design, production, and economic analysis they provide turnkey solutions for solar development. The benefits are tangible deployment of solar projects at nationally competitive prices.


In June 2016, Arctic Solar Ventures became a Certified B Corporation. B Corporations are committed to using business as a force for good. Arctic Solar Ventures is the second Certified B Corporation in Alaska. The pillars of social enterprise and the rigorous standards they are required to maintain drive them toward their mission of creating an energy independent Alaska.


The culmination of the combined vision, efforts, and quest for excellence of Arctic Solar Ventures, its employees, contractors, and partners recently came to life in the completion of its first solar installation in Anchorage, Alaska—a physical manifestation that will generate clean power for forty-plus years and the first of many Arctic Solar Ventures projects that will create a thriving solar industry in Alaska.


Arctic Solar Ventures Corporation
1407 W 31st Ave, Suite 301
Anchorage, AK 99503



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