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The Salvation Army Opens New Eagle River Family Store


Anchorage, AK --The Salvation Army, Adult Rehabilitation Center is pleased to announce that a new Family Store has been opened in Eagle River.  A Grand Opening Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 12, at 9am.  This is the first new Anchorage-area Salvation Army Family Store in 5 years. 


“We’re excited to be serving a part of town that hasn’t had a Family Store for years.” said Salvation Army Major Paul Chouinard, “This is a community that could use quality goods at low prices and we’re here to fill that gap.”


As part of the Grand Opening Ceremony there will be door prizes and special deals, such as all jeans and sweaters sold for only a dollar each.  Serving the communities of Eagle River, Chugiak, and JBER, the new Family Store is located at 12001 Business Blvd, Unit 3, near the Alaska Club. 


“Local residents seem to be very interested in the new store,” said Major Chouinard, “We’ve been fielding a lot of phone calls and it seems that people can’t wait to get a good deal.”


The new store has been under construction for two years and at 24,000 feet it is twice the size of the old store, closed five years ago.  The selections of merchandise will be great; actual selection depends on what the community donates which is crucial not only to the operation of the store but to the treatment programs funded by its sales.  Major Chouinard hopes that everyone enjoys the grand opening and will join him in praying for good weather.  There will be a fantastic selection of merchandise inside and outside the store. 


“Many people don’t realize that when they shop at a Salvation Army store, they’re not just getting a good deal.  They’re also helping someone get clean and sober.”  Said Major Chouinard, “Proceeds from our Anchorage-area stores go toward the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)”


The Anchorage ARC is a 60-bed residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that provides support services to men in the throes of addiction from all over the state.  Counseling services, therapeutic treatment services, full meals, and more help those in need get the help they need. 


Major Chouinard asked that everyone from Wasilla to Girdwood call 1-800-728-7825 to have a Salvation Army truck pick up any large items they’d like to donate.  Every donation to and purchase from a Salvation Army store in Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla funds recovery services for men in need.


“Every purchase and donation to a Salvation Army thrift store goes towards keeping someone away from a dangerous substance and defrays the direct cost to society of their rehabilitation.” Said Major Chouinard, “Considering how much the State spends on drug and alcohol related criminal justice services every year, this is a great model we’ve got here.  Everything you donate and that we can sell will help someone in need in our community.”


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