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ISER Announcements: Looking for a new director


ISER’s current director, Gunnar Knapp, is retiring this June, and ISER is recruiting for a new director. The new director will represent ISER, inside and outside the university, and will need to be familiar with policy-oriented, applied research—and should have an understanding of Alaska’s economy, culturally diverse peoples, and policy issues relevant to Alaska. 

ISER does non-partisan research to help Alaskans and others understand social and economic systems and support informed public and private descion-making. Areas of research at ISER include economic development, fiscal policy, education, natural resource management, and health.

The director’s job requires someone able to generate external grants and contracts, which make up a big share of ISER’s budget. The new director will supervise about 40 faculty members, researchers, and administrative staff, and coordinate research activities. 

This job requires either a Ph.D., a terminal degree, or senior-level administrative experience in a field relevant to ISER’s mission. Applications are being accepted until April 1, 2016. For more information, go to http://iser.uaa.alaska.edu/home/recruitment.php.


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