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District seeks to gauge interest in language immersion programs


In recent years, ASD has received various requests to expand its language immersion offerings to include additional languages. The District encourages families with children who will be entering kindergarten in the next few years take a quick, four-question survey (http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07edx1ed8gj01gsybz/a013fj0k9gu3n/greeting) to gauge community interest. Currently there are no plans to expand immersion programs and the results of this survey will not guarantee new programs.

Immersion programs are a program of choice for parents who would like their children to have the opportunity of becoming proficient in two languages (English and a second language) by the time the students complete the kindergarten through 12th grade sequence of the program. In order for the student to acquire a high-level of proficiency in the language, there must be a strong commitment from parents who view the importance of the K-12 continuum. When a new immersion program begins, the District starts with kindergarten only and adds a grade each year until the K-12 continuum is complete.

Beginning in kindergarten, students are immersed for approximately half of their school day in a total language experience within a multicultural setting. In these partial immersion programs, English language arts and math are taught in English by an English-speaking teacher while science, social studies, and the immersion language arts are taught by an immersion-language teacher. The elementary immersion programs continue into designated middle and high schools.

ASD has four language immersion school-within-a-school programs; Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Additionally, Rilke Schule German Charter School offers a K-8 program, with German immersion continuation offerings at one high school. Approximately 2,500 ASD students are in immersion programs this school year.


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