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District Receives BP's Support for 2017-18 Attendance Program


The Anchorage School District announces support from BP for the 2018 attendance program, a call to action for ASD high school students. Knowing that any absence from school is a missed opportunity, the Anchorage School Board and ASD Administration thank BP for providing funds for an incentive program for students. BP has contributed $12,600 for the year-long program, rewarding high school students who come to school every day for 10 days throughout the school year.

Based on a model of reinforcement, ASD Superintendent, Dr. Deena Bishop, said, "We are rewarding students for good attendance behavior with the praise of an intermittent reward." Alaskans hunt and fish knowing that they don't always bag the moose or get their fish limit on a given day. "They are rewarded," said Dr. Bishop, "by the possibility of taking a moose or fish home." Students will not all win each week, "but there is a possibility that if they have perfect attendance for 10 days," she said "they can win." If an absence does occur, there is another 10 days to tackle and another opportunity to win!

"BP is proud to support the Anchorage School District 's effort to enable our children to reach their full potential and to graduate 90% of students by 2020." said BP Alaska Regional President Janet Weiss. "We see this support as part of our ongoing commitment to the communities where our employees live and work - and an investment in Alaska's most important resource - our children."

The rules for ASD students:

  • Prizes are only open to eligible participants. An eligible participant is an ASD high school student fully enrolled in (taking 4 or more classes) and attending an ASD school where attendance is officially recorded;
  • The following students are not eligible for this contest: students enrolled in ASD homeschool programs and students enrolled in New Path High School or McLaughlin Youth Center;
  • There is a prize of $100.00 for each comprehensive high school and for the alternative high schools collectively. The prizes will be awarded for each identified ten-day period. Eligible participants are students in grades 9-12 who are absent from no more than one class period during each identified ten-day period;
  • Contest eligibility is based on a student's official attendance record for each identified 10-day period;
  • For each prize identified, one winner will be drawn at random from those students who meet the eligibility criteria;
  • ASD is responsible for the identification of students eligible for prizes and for conducting the random draws.


One of ASD's Destination 2020 goals is that every student will attend school at least 90 percent of the time. Working with parents, schools focus on ways to keep students engaged, for students to make up work missed, and to receive notifications if their children are not in school. Translated into the District's five most common languages beside English, parents can receive automated attendance calls for their children who have unexcused absences.

During the campaign, "learning is modified by consequence," explained Dr. Bishop. "In this case, the consequence of perfect attendance for 10 days is the opportunity to win $100." Since the program is all year long, students have multiple opportunities for the chance to win one of the $100 prizes.

ASD thanks BP for its generous donation to ASD students and the campaign for perfect attendance for high school students.

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