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Alaska Business Publishing welcomes news about all things Alaska Business. Please fill out the following form and then attach your press release in .doc/.docx/.txt format below or paste into the text field. You may also attach a photo in jpg or jpeg format. We do not accept press releases in PDF format.

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Agreement: Submitting press releases, opinions, articles, photographs, poems or other creative works ("submitted content") to Alaska Business Publishing by way of any of our online content submission forms signifies your granting to Alaska Business Publishing a nonexclusive license to publish, copy and distribute that submitted content, while Alaska Business Publishing acknowledges you are the author of the content. You grant Alaska Business Publishing permission to publish and republish this submitted content without restriction or renumeration, in all formats and media now known or hereafter developed, including but not limited to all electronic rights. Solely by way of example, such rights include the right to convert and store the submitted content on CD-ROM, DVD and other current and hereafter developed formats, the right to place the submitted content in whole or in part on the Internet and other computer networks, and the right to electronically store and retrieve the submitted content in electronic databases.

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