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Habitat for Humanity Energy Partner House Dedication

17th EP House


ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Habitat for Humanity Anchorage will dedicate the 2016 Energy Partner House at 382 Neighbor Drive Monday, August 22nd from 12:00 – 1:30.


The Energy Partnership, a consortium of oil industry companies, was formed as a collaborative effort in 2001 to help Habitat for Humanity Anchorage fund and build affordable housing in Anchorage. The founding Energy Partners, BP Exploration Alaska, Phillips Alaska, ExxonMobil, Unocal Alaska, Chevron Alaska, Nabors Alaska Drilling and Veco Alaska Inc., invested $106,000 the first year to help build the first two EP Houses. Monday’s dedication represents the 17th EP House and a cumulative investment of nearly $2 million in construction, infrastructure and land support from the partnership of 35 companies.  Additionally, oil industry employees have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to the actual construction of Habitat houses. 


In the era of declining oil production and revenue, this is a moment to celebrate the contribution oil industry companies have made to increase the availability of affordable housing in our community. The impact affordable housing provides home buyers goes beyond an affordable mortgage, it provides families financial stability and security. Statistically all family members will experience improved health and emotional well-being and children will have a greater probability of staying in school and performing better.


Please join us today and watch the dreams of a family come true!


About Habitat for Humanity Anchorage

Habitat for Humanity believes that everyone deserves a decent place to live. To that end, Habitat for Humanity Anchorage completed its first home in 1993. Success to date includes completion of 92 new construction houses and “rehabbing” an additional 12 – providing permanent, affordable housing to over 500 children and adults.  More than 82% of Habitat home buyers are still living in their Habitat houses and using affordable home ownership to improve their lives.

After more than 20 years of constructing affordable, low to moderate income housing we are beginning to see the generational impact of work as the children of some early homeowners are now attending college, entering fulfillment careers and starting thriving families on their own. Affordable home ownership is life changing for our Habitat families. Access to and availability of affordable housing remains a significant social and economic challenge in Anchorage we are proud of the impact our work has in the lives of Habitat homebuyers and their families. For more information, visit hfhanchorage.org.


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