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Arctic Insulation & Manufacturing, LLC Profiled in Manufacturing Today Magazine


rctic Insulation & Manufacturing, LLC (AIM), the premier pre-insulated pipe manufacturer for Alaska was featured in the November/December 2015 issue of Manufacturing Today magazine. Written by staff writer Tim O’Conner, the article focuses on AIM’s ability to meet market needs, while building a successful organizational culture that thrives on integrity, productivity, and community. The article is available at: http://manufacturing-today.com

From AIM’s four-acre manufacturing site in Big Lake, AK, Brian Wilkerson, President explained, “AIM has taken the core values of quality workmanship and customer service, and integrated a work force concept of community that creates a long-term value for our customers and all of our stakeholders who we consider partners.”


Pre-insulated pipe is a manufactured product that allows for fluids of any kind (water, waste, liquid fuel) to flow in a frigid climate. The technology utilized will last a minimum of thirty-to-fifty years depending on pipe jacket types, and is environmentally safe.  This product is ideal for industrial, civil, and residential needs. AIM supplies over 250 contractors/installers in the state of Alaska.


AIM was founded by local Anchorage entrepreneur James Protzman in 1995 and has grown steadily over the years by providing quality pre-insulated pipe product to the Alaska construction community. On January 1, 2015, AIM executive management formed Bridge Management Services, Inc. (BMS) to purchase AIM from Mr. Protzman in a leveraged buyout.


Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing, LLC (AIM) is the premier insulated pipe manufacturer in Alaska. Started over 20 years ago when the Alaskan market contained five competitors, AIM has risen to be the premier pipe insulator in Alaska by providing quality products, fast order-to-ship times, and superb pricing. For the customer, this results in short project lead times, product at or under market price, with virtually no returns—a combination that continues to be a successful long-term strategy.


In a market that is seasonal due to weather, and cyclical due to state and federal funding, AIM has overcome these challenges by adapting and transforming weaknesses into opportunities. For example:


  1. AIM’s top 10 customers consistently provide 2/3’s of its product revenue annually (whereas the remaining 1/3 revenue comes from over 240 customers). With this kind of top heavy customer concentration, the AIM sale force works diligently with the top customer on projects from engineering to job site management in order to strategically manage the order cycle and obtain the crucial business data required to forecast far enough in advance to right-size AIM’s cost structure. 


  1. AIM maintains a flat organization in order to provide the flexibility to react to these cyclical and season changes. So, though sales may fluctuate over 10% a year, in either direction, management is able to adjust to what the market bears and still garner in healthy earnings.


  1. AIM’s manufacturing management is extraordinary in its ability to provide incremental continuous improvement for processes and equipment utilization. Yearly gains in productivity are the primary reason that competition can no longer maintain a hold in this market versus AIM’s excellence.


Bridge Management Services, Inc. and Arctic Insulation & Manufacturing, LLC. are currently registered as business corporations in the State of Alaska. For more information about Bridge and AIM, visit our website at www.arcticinsulation.net.



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