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Letter to the Editor: Help Restore Cold Climate Housing Research Center Funding


Dear Editor,

We wanted to share with you this urgent and important letter from our colleague, Jack Hebert, the founder and CEO of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, that he sent to members. CCHRC's state funding is in jeopardy and they're reaching out to clean energy supporters across the state for help. 

Thanks for taking a look, and thank you for all you're doing to help support clean energy research, investment, funding, and development in Alaska. 

Chris Rose
Executive Director
Renewable Alaska Energy Project

LETTER FROM CCHRC (Cold Climate Housing Research Center)

Thank you for being a member of CCHRC,

I want to let all our supporters know that CCHRC’s State funding has been cut to $500,000 in the draft Senate budget coming out of the Finance Committee. This is a reduction of 2/3 of our state support from last year and obviously a real hit to the way we do business. We really need your help as supporters of CCHRC.

There is no doubt that the Governor believes in our mission and the benefit to Alaska that we have clearly demonstrated. 

However, Senators and Representatives need to hear from you immediately.

The House Finance Committee may be our best hope for recovering funding for CCHRC as they work through the Senate's Capital Budget. 

If you know any member of either the Senate or House Finance Committees, it is critical you contact them ASAP (names and contacts at bottom).

The best in us comes out in adversity. Many in our great state are dealing with the stress of the current fiscal situation.  CCHRC will weather this moment and become a stronger organization. Our strength is in our mission and the amazing Alaskans that are here at the research center. Their talent, passion and commitment amaze me every day. I thank each of you for believing in us as well. Always my very best to each of you.

Jack Hebert
Founder and CEO
Cold Climate Housing Research Center


Contact info for State Legislators on Finance Committees

House Finance Committee
Co-Chair Steve Thompson, 907-465-3004, Rep.Steve.Thompson@akleg.gov
Co-Chair Mark Neuman, 907-465-2679, Rep.Mark.Neuman@akleg.gov
Bryce Edgmon, 907-465-3445, Rep.Bryce.Edgmon@akleg.gov
Lynn Gattis, 907-465-4833, Rep.Lynn.Gattis@akleg.gov
Cathy Munoz, 907-465-3744, Rep.Cathy.Munoz@akleg.gov
Lance Pruitt, 907-465-3438, Rep.Lance.Pruitt@akleg.gov
Tammie Wilson, 907-465-4797, Rep.Tammie.Wilson@akleg.gov
Les Gara, 907-465-2647, Rep.Les.Gara@akleg.gov
David Guttenberg, 907-465-4457, Rep.David.Guttenberg@akleg.gov
Scott Kawasaki, 907-465-3466, Rep.Scott.Kawasaki@akleg.gov
Mike Hawker, 907-465-4949, Rep.Mike.Hawker@akleg.gov

Senate Finance
Co-Chair Pete Kelly, 907-465-3709, Sen.Pete.Kelly@akleg.gov
Co-Chair Anna MacKinnon, 907-465-3777, Sen.Anna.MacKinnon@akleg.gov
Vice-Chair Peter Micciche, 907-465-2828, Sen.Peter.Micciche@akleg.gov
Click Bishop, 907-465-2327, Sen.Click.Bishop@akleg.gov
Mike Dunleavy, 907-465-6600, Sen.Mike.Dunleavy@akleg.gov
Lyman Hoffman, 907-465-4453, Sen.Lyman.Hoffman@akleg.gov
Donald Olson, 907-465-3707, Sen.Donald.Olson@akleg.gov


www.cchrc.org - 1000 Fairbanks Street Fairbanks AK 99709 - 907-457-3454

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