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Arctic summit held far away from the Arctic

Morning Headlamp, October 4, 2016


Maine event. Officials from the Arctic Council's eight member nations, as well as a host of non-governmental groups, will meet in Portland from Tuesday through Thursday. U.S. ambassador for Oceans and Fisheries David Balton will chair the meeting, which is expected to focus on climate change, shipping, energy and the Arctic's indigenous groups. It's the first time the council has held the forum on U.S. soil outside Alaska or our nation's capital.


Perfect storm. Experts have begun to question Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's plan to slash US oil consumption over the next decade. The target — to cut U.S. oil consumption by a third by 2027 — is an example of Clinton's hard line on fossil fuels during the Democratic primary and the general election. The plan includes a program to promote natural gas development overseas through the use of hydraulic fracturing. Clinton launched the Bureau of Resource Management, which sought to export shale drilling capabilities in order to reduce U.S. allies' reliance on coal and natural gas from Russia. According to Peter Saundry, chief scientist at the National Council for Science and the Environment, it would take a perfect storm to reach her goal, and such a combination is not likely to brew anytime soon.


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