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Arctic Ińupiat Offshore to fight for Arctic development

Morning Headlamp, October 25, 2016


Attorney and close ally of Gov. Walker, Robin Brena penned a follow-up piece to his recent commentary addressing some ADN responses to his original post. According to his article, "the purpose for this article is to reply to those responses so we may continue an important conversation for Alaskans' futures." Brena argues that Alaska is "not projected to get any net petroleum revenues after credits in 2017," and continues to say that "Alaskans should receive one-third of the gross petroleum revenues being generated by the sale of our crude oil as our fair share." Despite it all, Brena says that "of course" he is not against the oil and gas industry. Headlamp disagrees. Brena has spent his career litigating against the industry and is currently leading a group called "Together for Alaska" to attack any legislators who support the industry.


Arctic Iñupiat Offshore (AIO) has announced that it is joining the Arctic Coalition, a collection of 21 Alaskan and nationwide organizations that support responsible energy development in and off the coast of Alaska. AIO and the Arctic Energy Center (AEC), another Arctic Coalition member, also announced today the forthcoming launch of a multi-platform campaign - with a major television ad buy at its center - aimed at highlighting local North Slope communities' perspectives on energy development in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas.


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