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Arctic Energy Center Responds to Exhaustive and Burdensome Arctic Drilling Regulations

'Further restrict industry’s options'


Today, the Department of the Interior released 348 pages of new Requirements for Exploratory Drilling on the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf.


Commenting, Arctic Energy Center spokesperson Lucas Frances said,


“By adding to the exhaustive regulations already in place, the new Arctic drilling rules released today will further restrict industry’s options, deter investment in the region and diminish the economic potential of the Arctic.


“After enforcing burdensome regulations that have already crippled development and having canceled Arctic lease sales originally scheduled for 2016 and 2017, the Obama Administration has once again demonstrated a troubling readiness to turn its back on Alaskans, whose livelihoods depend on resource development, and all Americans, whose safety and security hinge on a robust domestic energy base.


“That said, even though the Administration has aggressively pursued a policy that restricts oil and gas development, today’s regulations do signify its recognition that America’s largest energy opportunity – the offshore Arctic – can be explored safely and responsibly. It is critical that it now acknowledges the importance of Arctic offshore resources and includes the region in the forthcoming offshore leasing program.”   


About the Arctic Energy Center
The Arctic Energy Center is a joint initiative of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association and the Independent Petroleum Association of America, founded to further public understanding of the science, technology and opportunity associated with Arctic energy exploration and development.


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