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Arctic Economic Council Celebrates Signing of CETA


The Arctic Economic Council welcomes the signing of the historic Canada and European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).  

Market access is a prerequisite to economic growth and development. It also helps secure predictability for businesses operating internationally.  

This new agreement will offer both EU and Canadian firms better business opportunities, and will support jobs both in Europe and Canada. It addresses barriers to trade and offers competitive advantage for businesses in both regions.  

Tara Sweeney, the AEC Chair from Alaska commented, «We congratulate both the European Union and Canada on this historic agreement that will benefit business on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“This landmark agreement will foster a better business climate and increase the opportunities for businesses operating in the regions” said Evgeniy Ambrosov, AEC Vice Chair from Russia. 

Erling Kvadsheim, the AEC’s Norwegian Vice Chair states: “The AEC promotes stable and predictable regulatory frameworks. These are important for businesses operating in the Arctic. CETA helps in improving predictability.” 

“The agreement is significant in that it provides business opportunities. It is in line with the AEC’s overarching theme focusing on establishing strong market connections between the Arctic states. It also helps securing more predictable regulatory frameworks, which is another theme central in the work of the AEC”, the AEC’s Finnish Vice Chair Tero Vauraste commented.


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