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Alaska State Museum Designated Cultural Repository (HB154/Thompson)


CSHB 154 gives Dept. of Education & Early Development option to name more

Monday, April 14, 2013, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska House of Representatives today sent a bill to the governor designating the Alaska State Museum in Juneau as a cultural and historical repository. The House today concurred in Senate changes to House Bill 154, by Representative Steve Thompson.

The legislative action protects the Museum’s collections and helps it gain access to federal and state grants and donations. The bill also allows the Alaska Dept. of Education and Early Development to designate other repositories as needed.

“The Museum’s collections are a cultural and historical repository, just take a look at their offerings,” Thompson, R-Fairbanks, said. “The collections span more than one million artifacts that stretch over the course of millions of years and thousands of years of cultural traditions.

“The Museum is crucial for research. It’s also situated next to cruise ship docks here in the Capital City that see more than a million visitors every summer. Following its rebirth, it will be our showcase,” Thompson said. “Designating the Museum as a repository will help ensure that the collections remain available, and offer new funding opportunities.”

The Senate switched the designee from the UA Museum of the North.

The bill also defines in state law what a repository is: a museum that is managed by an educational institution and is able to provide long-term professional, systematic, and curatorial services.

HB 154 passed the House last April and the Senate last weekend.

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