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Get Ready for Snow Adventures


It’s time for SnowFest. The Alaska Avalanche Information Center wants to help all Alaskans prepare for their big winter adventures with a fun day of training geared for both those new to outdoor adventures as well as long-time veterans.

Thanks to support from AARP Alaska and the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the annual SnowFest is free and includes a wide range of hands-on workshops to fit your skill level and interests. Training is set for Saturday, November 4th at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage from 11 am to 4 pm. Bring your family, friends and adventure partners. Come for an hour or stay for the day.

Whether you ride a snowmachine, a snowboard or prefer skis, snowshoes, or a dog team, don’t get out in the backcountry of Alaska without taking some time to get the proper knowledge and gear.

This state is known for some of the most spectacular terrain and biggest adventures in the world, but also the greatest number of unintentional injuries and deaths per capita when it comes to outdoor incidents like avalanches, drowning and snowmachine crashes.

Before you load up your gear and head out for your adventure, ask yourself, are you prepared if something goes wrong?

Will you know what to do and have the supplies needed if you become trapped by weather, mechanical failure or other situations and suddenly find yourself forced to spend an unexpected night out? If you or someone in your group gets injured, will you have the knowledge, supplies and confidence to deal with a medical emergency? Could you find your buddy if they were buried in an avalanche?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself and your family to attend the free SnowFest, Alaska Backcountry Preparedness program.

Presented by the professional instructors with the Alaska Avalanche Information Center who have developed captivating, interactive programs to teach these critical skills and to help encourage recreation for healthy lifestyles., this is a great refresher or introduction for everyone from 8 to 80-years-old.

There will be equipment available to test or bring your own to ensure you practice with what you know you’ll be using.

To register or learn more visit www.alaskasnow.org, email info@alaskasnow.org  or call 907-255-2242.

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