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September 2016

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Jennifer Dushane’s Arctic Horse Gear

A Butte marine biologist is turning the slowdown in the Alaska oil economy into a launchpad for a new business venture: making all-weather skirts for women who ride horses.

ABM’s Fall 2016 Construction Roundup

Construction projects throughout the state kept many busy this summer and work continues on some through the fall and winter. Some projects will take several years due to weather, logistics, or the sheer size of the endeavors.

Revisiting ANCSA: Mike Gravel

Heavy Haul Freight

Creating a Transferable Business (Part 3)

As the owner of a privately-held business, you are likely a catalyst for the ongoing running and growth of the business. The roles that most owners fill in their companies often span a number of different areas within the business.

Transitional Leadership at Chugach Electric Association

In mid-July, the state’s largest electric cooperative, Chugach Electric Association, Inc., quietly handed off the leadership reins of the company from Brad Evans, who has led the cooperative since 2007, to Lee Thibert, who has held various roles at Chugach Electric for nearly thirty years.

On Leadership

Leadership is a hot topic these days. People ask: What is it? Is it important? Why don’t we see more of it? Is it a gift, is it inherited, or can it be learned? What styles are most effective? Does business leadership translate to political leadership? How can I get better at it? Whatever the question, it’s clear that there is a massive interest in leadership.

Executive Recruitment

Hazel Englund Celebrates 100 Years in Haines

My Grandma turns one hundred years old this September. Hazel Englund was born in Haines, Alaska, where she still resides today and is a true Alaskan Sourdough with an amazing story.

Alaska Native Corporations

Alaska Native Corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) contribute a vast amount and diverse array of economic stability to the state’s $50 billion-plus GDP.
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