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September 2015

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Crowley in Alaska

For more than sixty years Crowley has provided Alaska, its people, businesses, and communities with essential fuels as well as energy support and maritime related services.

Aaron Schutt and Doyon, Limited

“We’re a very rural state. Other than the Anchorage area, the rest of the state is rural, and it has so many unique perspectives in all parts of Alaska. Large or small, the communities are all in special places and are special to the people that live there.

Jimmy Stotts

He is an Alaskan leader that few know. His name is James (Jimmy) Stotts. An Iñupiat from Barrow, he is the president of Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska. For several decades he has worked out of the limelight advocating for his people, trying to focus state, national, and international attention on issues, such as food security, that are of concern to the Inuit.

Emerging Alaska Native Artists

Do not confuse Alaska Native art with cheap, imitation “Native art” made overseas and sold in gift shops catering to tourists. Today’s contemporary Alaska Native artists create original and stunning art, equal in creativity to anything found in art centers such as New York or London.

Alaska Tugs & Barges

Go to any elementary school library and there’s bound to be a book or two on tug boats. Tugs, barges, and pulling and pushing cargo in stormy seas are as much a part of the American maritime tradition and marine ethos as “deadliest catch” commercial fishing and the prominence of the country’s US Coast Guard protecting domestic waters.

Corporate Governance Challenges

In 1971, ANCSA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) was ratified to resolve long-standing indigenous land claims and to nurture economic development for Alaska Natives with the creation of the Alaska Native Corporation. The Act created more than two hundred village corporations and twelve regional corporations within Alaska.

A Model for Alaska’s Road to Economic Growth: Boutique Steps

The purpose of our article is to provide a measure of the daring of an idea, install a new idea, and subvert some old ones—not by giving people vertigo but by clarifying and lengthening our perspectives and intellectual discourse.

The Case for Tribal Lands in Trust

Alaska Native Corporations have become powerhouses of our state’s economy, generating billions of dollars and providing thousands of jobs for Alaskans. In 2013, according to the ANCSA CEO Association, Alaska Native Corporations accounted for more than 70 percent of the total revenue of the top 49 Alaskan-owned companies.

Developing Meaningful Relationships with Residents in Arctic Development

As we promote development of the Arctic—and its myriad energy resources—it is imperative that local residents have meaningful opportunities to participate in and benefit from development.

Why Economic Education is Important to Alaska Children and Young Adults

When children and youth have a better understanding of economics, they can make informed choices and function in a changing world economy. Youth who understand economics when they graduate are more prepared to shape their own futures and that of their communities.

Real Leadership

I was listening to the radio the other day. A panel of notable Alaskan folks told the audience what they thought would happen in Alaska over time. All of them were actually quite positive about our long-term future. They postulated based on their experiences and backgrounds quite elegantly, giving corroborating facts and information as much as time allowed.

Alaska’s Budget Crisis: Myth or Reality?

There are many people who are well aware of the magnitude of our fiscal crisis and are trying to engage the public to help develop a path through this financial quagmire. However, I fear these leaders may be afflicted with what my grandfather used to call “Cassandraism.”

Alaska Native Impacts

Alaska Native Corporations continue to grow, as is evidenced in our annual Alaska Native Business special section
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