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Lake George Drainage Nonresident Registration Goat Hunt Closes


(Anchorage) – Nonresident registration permit hunt RG882 for mountain goats in the Lake George area will close at one minute before midnight on September 5, 2014, by emergency order of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Six mountain goat units have been harvested out of a quota of seven goat units for RG882, and additional hunters currently remain in the field. Total goat units are calculated using one unit for billies and two units for nannies. The take of no more than 20 goat units is consistent with the goal of maintaining appropriate population levels in this hunt area. Seven goat units are allotted to nonresident hunters, and 13 goat units are allotted to resident hunters.

To avoid exceeding the nonresident quota, RG882 is being closed. All other goat hunts in Game Management Unit 14C are unaffected by the emergency order. For more information concerning this closure, contact Anchorage Area Wildlife Biologist Jessy Coltrane at (907) 267-2811.

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