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Ziff Energy Forecasts Growth of NA Natural Gas Demand to 2020


CALGARY, ALBERTA – September 23, 2013 – Ziff Energy, a Division of Solomon Associates, today announced the release of its Growth of North American Natural Gas Demand to 2020.  The report provides a brief overview of each gas demand sector (electrical generation, industrial, residential, commercial, and pipeline fuel) and its growth for six U.S. regions and Canada. Canada showed very strong growth, as did the Southwest region of the U.S. The Interior West of the U.S. experienced moderate growth, while the Midwest and Northeast showed minor growth. The Southeast and Pacific Coast were flat.

The report illustrates the North American natural gas demand growth by sector, region, and time across the U.S. and Canadian provinces. With this report, demand growth can be pinpointed, which provides insight to plan for new gas pipelines in specific locations. Other organizations can follow up with new gas-fired power generation opportunities.

Figure 1 shows growth in gas demand, the largest of which is expected from the industrial sector.  This demand is driven largely from LNG exports and growing Alberta Oil sands sub-sectors.

“Understanding the fundamentals of what is driving gas demand allows clients to better position themselves for resultant opportunities,” said Ziff Energy Senior Vice President of Gas Services Bill Gwozd.

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About Ziff Energy
Ziff Energy, a division of HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon), provides upstream performance assessment/improvement and custom consulting to the worldwide energy industry in more than 40 countries, and natural gas consulting services in North America. Solomon is the world’s leading performance improvement company for energy companies seeking to identify and close gaps in operational performance. Combining proven, patented methodologies with objective data analysis, and led by a team of oil and gas consultants steeped in hands-on operational experience, Solomon consistently helps clients with energy-intensive assets achieve greater efficiencies, enhanced reliability, and improved margins. Solomon is part of HSB Group, Inc. Learn more about Ziff Energy at http://www.ZiffEnergy.com. For information about Solomon, visit http://www.SolomonOnline.com.

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