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StormGeo Opens Anchorage Office


ImactWeather will staff the new Anchorage office for StormGeo.


Weather Services Provider Will Be Closer to Alaska Oil and Gas Clients, Expand Business in Arctic

Oct. 2, 2013, Anchorage StormGeo, a global weather services company, will open its first office in Alaska this month.  With staff provided by ImpactWeather, its Houston subsidiary, StormGeo will begin operating out of Anchorage in order to better serve its Alaska clientele and optimize its growth in the Arctic Circle. Already possessing extensive experience in Greenland and the North Sea, StormGeo believes this is a critical chance to expand its service to oil and gas clients in Alaska.

“With unprecedented growth occurring in the oil and gas sector, StormGeo is in a unique position to leverage its meteorological capabilities in the Arctic,” states Kent Zehetner, CEO of StormGeo. “Our existing clients in Alaska depend on us for outstanding service, and creating a physical presence here will only add more value to that service. Additionally, we intend to grow by acquiring new clients in Alaska who can benefit from our forecasts relating to wind, waves and ice.”

“ImpactWeather staff has been present in Alaska for the last seven seasons, specifically forecasting in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. The logical next step for StormGeo Group, following the acquisition of ImpactWeather, is to use our collective R&D and meteorological expertise to grow our presence in Alaska,” adds Kevin Smith, director of meteorological operations for ImpactWeather.

Aside from supporting the exploration and production operations conducted by Shell, StormGeo will also provide their Alaska clients with offshore environmental monitoring tools, onshore and offshore forecasts that are site-specific and access to meteorologists around the clock.

About:  StormGeo is a global weather services provider with operations in Offshore, Renewables, Media, Corporate Enterprise and Shipping industries. One of the world’s largest commercial weather service providers, it serves a worldwide customer base with advanced solutions through its 24/7 forecasting desks.

ImpactWeather, a wholly owned subsidiary of StormGeo, serves as the dedicated, 24/7/365 weather department for hundreds of organizations globally, providing them with critical weather-related business decision guidance that enables them to protect their people, their assets and their bottom line.

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