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State Closes Moose Hunt in Unit 22B West of Darby Mountains (


(Nome) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces an emergency order to close the moose season in hunt area Unit 22(B) West of the Darby Mountains covered under registration permit hunt RM840.

The State resident fall season for bull moose by registration permit Hunt RM840 in Unit 22(B), that portion west of the Darby Mountains closes at 11:59 p.m. on September 8, 2013. (Note: this area is identified as the Remainder of Unit 22(B) in codified regulations).

Harvest in western Unit 22(B) is expected to reach the fall harvest quota of 20 bulls by the season closing in this announcement. No further harvest is warranted at this time. Hunters should note that seasons and harvest quotas in this hunt area are managed cooperatively with federal managers and a similar season closure for federal permits may be announced by federal managers.

The Department plans to administer hunt RM849 beginning January 1, 2014 with a quota that will be dependent on overall fall harvest. Hunters are reminded to get a 2014 hunting license if they plan to hunt with a RM849 permit in the winter 2014 season.

The closure in Unit 22(B) West of the Darby Mountains is additive to the RM840 season closure announced for Unit 22(C). Only the hunt areas assigned to registration permit RM840 within Unit 22(D) Kuzitrin Drainage and Unit 22(D) Southwest have not reached harvest quota and remain open at this time. Unless additional closures are announced by emergency order, the RM840 season in Unit 22(D) is Sept. 1-Sept. 14. Hunters are advised to check with the Nome ADF&G office for emergency closures as the season progresses and harvest is reported to the department.

All other moose hunting regulations in Unit 22 remain unchanged by this emergency order.

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