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SCF leadership receive National Indian Health awards


Southcentral Foundation (SCF) Board Member Dr. Terry Simpson and SCF President/CEO Dr. Katherine Gottlieb have been recognized by the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) for their impact on improving health care. These prestigious awards are presented to individuals who have improved Alaska Native and American Indian health.

On Aug. 28, Dr. Simpson and Dr. Gottlieb received Regional Impact Awards at NIHB’s 30th Annual Consumer Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Simpson’s contributions to Alaska Native and American Indian health care have been in the areas of health education and health systems governance. He maintains a blog that focuses on healthy lifestyles and has authored numerous books to help others on their journey to wellness. He champions the importance of a healthy diet and the health benefits of traditional Alaska Native subsistence foods such as wild game, fish, berries and root vegetables. As a customer-owner, Dr. Simpson has been proud to share that the SCF Nuka System of Care is, “the greatest health care system in the world.” He has also been helping SCF share its story so that other organizations interested in improving their health systems can learn from what he considers to be the best.

Dr. Gottlieb has been president/CEO for more than 20 years and has played a key role in transforming what was once a slow and cumbersome medical bureaucracy into a customer-owned and driven system of health care. By listening to the voices of Alaska Native people – and providing new avenues for them to be heard – she has helped develop an unparalleled range of services that has served as a model for innovations in health care nationwide. As a result, tribal organizations and leaders from around the world have visited the Alaska Native Health Campus to learn more about SCF’s best practices and improvement strategies.

About Southcentral Foundation

Established in 1982, SCF’s mission is to work together with the Native Community to achieve wellness through health and related services. The nonprofit health care affiliate of Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI), SCF has grown in its 31 years, from a single dental clinic to an internationally recognized, award-winning health care organization that employs some 1,500 people and manages more than 65 health care programs and services. SCF is a recipient of the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award – one of 15 health care organizations in the nation to ever receive this prestigious recognition.

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