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Remainder of Fall Fortymile Caribou Season Closed


The Fall State of Alaska Registration Permit (RC860) hunting season for Fortymile caribou in Zones 2 (between the Steese and Taylor Highways) and 4 (within the White Mountains) will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, September 20.

“The Zone 2 quota is 185 caribou, and we expect to reach that number by Friday, September 20, so we’re closing the season,” said Regional Management Coordinator Roy Nowlin.

Harvest within Zone 4 has been slow, but the harvest quota has been met so Zone 4 will also close on Friday.

Zone 3 (accessible from the Taylor Highway) was closed to hunting by emergency order on August 30 and Zone 1 (accessible from the Steese Highway) was closed on September 2, after the quotas for those zones were reached.

Nowlin said that the caribou concentrated near both the Taylor and Steese Highways this year, making them very accessible to hunters.

“The registration permit hunt stays open longer when caribou are widely dispersed or are relatively hard to find,” Nowlin said. “The harvest goes fairly quickly when caribou group together along major highways.”

The annual quota for the herd is 1000 animals, with 750 reserved for fall and 250 reserved for winter. Harvest reports indicate that the annual quota has likely been met during the fall season.

Harvest of the Fortymile herd is guided by a management plan jointly developed by the Harvest Management Coalition made up of representatives of seven state Advisory Committees, Yukon government agencies and First Nations, and the federal subsistence Regional Advisory Council. The plan allows adjustments if the quotas are unexpectedly exceeded.

Nowlin said members of the coalition will be contacted before any decisions are announced about the winter hunt.

Harvest of Fortymile caribou is regulated by registration permits, and hunters are required to report taking a caribou within three days. Nowlin said reports are still trickling in and the final harvest should be known within the next week.

The federal subsistence hunt manager closed the fall federal subsistence season on federal lands in Zone 3 and part of Zone 2 (Game Management Unit 20E) on September 8. The federal subsistence season for RC860 remains open in Units 25C and 20F. Hunters with questions about the federal subsistence hunt should call (800) 478-1456.

Fall State of Alaska Hunting season for Fortymile Caribou in all Zones 1-4 closes Friday night.

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