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Petroleum Supply Annual


Petroleum supply data released today (September 27, 2013) by the U.S. Energy Information Administration include the Petroleum Supply Monthly with data for July 2013 as well as the Petroleum Supply Annual with revised monthly data for 2012.  In addition, propane imports, propane product supplied, and atmospheric crude oil distillation capacity data were revised in an updated release of the Petroleum Supply Annual with data for 2011.

Petroleum Navigator has been updated with revised monthly state-level crude oil production data for from January 2003 to June 2013.  Once a year, with release of the Petroleum Supply Annual, EIA revises up to 10 years of historical crude oil production estimates in Petroleum Navigator.  On a monthly basis, crude oil production estimates are revised going back as far as the last published Petroleum Supply Annual.  For example, when the Petroleum Supply Monthly is released in October 2013 with monthly data for August 2013, then crude oil production data in Petroleum Navigator will be revised beginning with data for January 2012.

The Petroleum Supply Annual, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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