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Pebble Bulletin - Policy Expert Warns Veto Bad for America's Businesses



National policy organization warns pre-emptive Pebble veto: 
bad for America’s businesses, bad for democracy

In a recent Forbes article, Daniel McGroarty, the president of American Resources Policy Network, a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and policy resource organization, warns that if the EPA vetoes the Pebble Project before it goes through the public process, it could “redefine risk for American businesses.”

“[The] EPA has jumped ahead of our national permitting process with its own $2.4 million environmental assessment,” McGroarty states. He describes the EPA’s action as setting itself up as judge and jury before a plan has even been submitted.

What does that mean for America’s businesses? McGroarty states that if this precedent is set, there will be “a chill on investment projects, not just in Alaska, but also in the Lower 48.”

McGroarty also criticizes the hypocrisy of deep-pocketed organizations that have championed the public process, NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act), for being a strong democratic tool, but are now encouraging the EPA to skip the process and eliminate the public’s opinion for a voice.

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