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Office of Indian Energy Upcoming Events and New Resources


Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

Sept. 25: Tribal Energy Webinar on Tribal and Utility Partnership Opportunities
Tribes and utilities can be a nexus of renewable energy project development. The future utility likely will have a resource portfolio that is a hybrid of centralized power plants, distributed generation, microgrids, and demand response programs that result in a more efficient system of both generation and consumption. This webinar will focus on the opportunities for a partnership between Tribes and utilities that improves the energy system and stimulates economic development on tribal lands. The webinar is presented by the DOE Office of Indian Energy, EERE Tribal Energy Program, and Western as part of the Tribal Renewable Energy Webinar Series.

The webinar will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Mountain time. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required. Register for the Sept. 25 webinar now.<http://energy.gov/exit?url=https%3A//www1.gotomeeting.com/register/906425073>

Sept. 26: Internal Revenue Service Telephone Forum on Tribal Bonds Financing: the Basics
During this 60-minute presentation the IRS will cover Tribal Bond fundamentals, the benefits of Tribal Economic Development Bonds, and what you need to know about Clean Renewable Energy Bonds.
Native American Finance Officers Association Executive Director Dante Desiderio will participate in the discussion. You are encouraged to submit questions<mailto:tege.itg.askus@irs.gov> on or before September 19, 2013. Please include your contact information. The IRS will attempt to address all questions during the forum.

The phone forum will be held from 2-3 p.m. EST. Space is limited. Register<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001PfrMccytuTE7DkohyEpxh2QN4vpD6BcXcmknI9RYmFBF0CI5inauQX4kmDDaCrsILJ2fdibitd18nCsERbf_FnrbfjhAR1ob69By8-tmkp6TXIJepvVcHKu8qw1xZjengR5HuXqYsFw82TMhq82PicUK-BTXCYZhKj5JqczAeVW7jXXgD5GQKGcz6OMhVzdaCGMhodWBRNiwvpDhmFXFD8RNf1seAdyg> today.

Oct. 21-23: Alaska Native Village Energy Development Workshop

Presented by the DOE Office of Indian Energy and EERE Tribal Energy Program, this workshop is designed to help Alaska Native villages and corporations understand the range of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities that exist in their remote communities. Part of an overall effort to further support and encourage accelerated clean energy resource development in Alaska Native villages, the workshop will cover topics such as:

 *   Strategic energy planning
*   Clean energy project development and financing
*   Technology updates
*   Energy efficiency
*   Weatherization
*   Workforce development
A draft summary of the agenda is attached. The workshop will be held during the week of the Alaska Federation of Natives Conference October 24-26.

University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Wood Center Ballroom
505 S. Chandalar, Fairbanks, AK 99775
There is no cost to attend, but participants will be responsible for their own meals. Advance registration is requested. Register now<http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/tribalenergy/register_meeting.cfm>.
More Information
If you have questions, please email indianenergy@hq.doe.gov<mailto:indianenergy@hq.doe.gov>. The workshop is co-sponsored by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. See the attached flyer for additional information.
New Resources
Office of Indian Energy Newsletter: Summer/Fall 2013<http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy13osti/58723.pdf>
Read the latest issue of the Office of Indian Energy's newsletter for updates on the Office's recent activities including the rollout of its educational curriculum for Tribes, the Indian Country Energy and Infrastructure Working Group, and the 2013 Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) Program projects. Also learn how the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians are converting waste to biodiesel fuel to run their vehicles, and read a profile article on Christine Klein Ja'adtlaa'wul of the Haida - Gawaa Gitans Gitanee Tribe in Alaska.

Developing Tribal Energy Projects: Project Development Fundamentals<http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy13osti/57961.pdf>
Renewable energy projects offer many potential benefits to Tribes, from more stable energy costs and enhanced energy security to higher-quality jobs and a stronger economy. This brochure summarizes a five-step project development and financing process to assist Tribes with formulating goals, analyzing risks, developing clear project plans, and identifying key decision points in the process. The process is explained in more detail in the online renewable energy educational curriculum<http://energy.gov/indianenergy/resources/education-and-training/renewable-energy-online-learning> developed by the Office of Indian Energy, which includes free webinars that can be watched at any time.

START Program & Capacity Building: 2012-2013 Success Highlights<http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy13osti/58757.pdf>
This brochure provides details on the 11 START 2012 projects, including highlighted project case studies, a summary of the 10 projects selected for the 2013 START Program, and information on the Office of Indian Energy's education and training efforts.

OCC August Newsletter Focuses on Access to Capital in Indian Country<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001PfrMccytuTEMltyFFLj2wQ4CXnSGmL_VNReA_JMZIakRGfj981OGjo6BQOfPWNaVYr6GbodcaQkn7A-wS-dkoUX5FsntYDQxLCowLk_hy6j5sjXT3VUcLnP24Msh1qZ8lL2mZfeJBwC7RbbruIGpQ43Z6UBpGnfyHXwQF_IR13N2ngBAurcl2WxJfpMpNdLYsLorcDIfWSD4CudBd_jbYN15mNVZYL7YV53VYeHLSNzUZEzDxg1MWaN76bzeVeoprTRjN1CJaEmgrYC_Mbof_8a4SzKxgi5kyNqOK9ZsIr3SV5e7j9L27GL0b4HbzoDAyfkXFmujzCDDlC8S0VSK0g==>

The Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) is an independent bureau within the Department of Treasury with the main purpose of chartering, regulating, and supervising all national banks and federal savings associations. One of the OCC objectives is to ensure fair and equal access to financial services for all Americans, including to tribal nations and their citizens. With this objective in mind, the OCC dedicated its August newsletter to building a better understanding of the resources and information available to banks that may want to do business in Indian Country, as well as provide resources and information to Tribes that may want to access capital. The OCC newsletter references a number of federal agency programs that have been developed specifically for Tribes.

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