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Isaacson Applauds Congressional Delegation, Governor Response to EPA's Over-Reach in 40-Mile Mining District


Friday, Sept. 6, 2013, North Pole, Alaska – When Representative Doug Isaacson received a call from a mining friend in the 40-Mile District about the intimidating tactics of an EPA-led Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force last week he was appalled.

“Imagine these law-abiding miners, minding their own business, trying to follow the myriad of laws, rules and regulations which the government has put upon them, suddenly have a group of eight agents from the FBI, EPA, BLM, Coast Guard, DOD and our own state DEC show up at their camp with flak jackets adorned with POLICE in big, bold letters as if they were presumed criminals. It would be enough to make anyone nervous,” Isaacson, R-North Pole, said.

“Also, these Federal agents lied and said our State Troopers told them there was human trafficking and drugs out in Chicken - so go in prepared. Our Troopers deny such allegations,” Isaacson stated emphatically. “Instead of responding to reported violations, they decided to take an Alaskan summer vacation and practice their skills here. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t find any violations. But it is inexcusable for for the Feds to apparently neglect due process and terrorize hard-working Alaskans.”

“I applaud the intervention by Alaska’s congressional delegation and the governor requesting a formal report, and hope there will be a resolution of this issue by the September 14th miner’s meeting in Chicken. I know it’s important to get the facts, but people have a right to be safe and secure in their homes and businesses,” Isaacson said.

“Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is designated to enforce EPA rules. We need to use our own agencies to monitor our own people. And yet, the federal government continues to wonder why we don’t trust them; inexcusable.”

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