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House Attempts to Reopen National Parks, Continue Funding for Veteran Affairs


WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Congress works to end the federal government shutdown that began early this morning, the U.S. House today voted on three funding measures to ensure that the our nation’s veterans continue to receive the benefits they earned, reopen our National Parks and the Smithsonian facilities, and provide local funding for the District of Columbia.  All three measures failed to get the two thirds vote needed to pass a suspension vote in the House.  Rep. Young released the following statement afterwards:

“As I have said before, I am not happy that Congressional gridlock has led to the first government shutdown in 17 years.  These shutdowns are not good for the American people or for the American economy.

“As the debate rages on with regards to the overall funding bill, it makes practical sense to first advance issues on which there is wide bipartisan support. Ensuring that those who fought for our country have full access to all the benefits they have earned is something on which we all agree, but today’s vote series clearly shows that Democrats believe a prolonged government shutdown is politically beneficial to them, and its unfortunate that they chose to prolong the shutdown that could impact our veterans.  

“I was hopeful that these small measures would ultimately lead us down a path that will finally reopen the government, but I fear we are in for a long fight; for the country’s sake, I hope I'm proved wrong.”

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