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Faltering Rule of Law is 'Made in America"


We have been busy this week Co-Chairing the 9th Alaska Oil and Gas Congress in Anchorage with the Honorable Charlotte Brower, Mayor of the Alaska North Slope Borough.  We were delighted to be meeting with participants from throughout the US, Canada as well as visitors from Japan and Australia.  We hope to provide readers with many important insights gained, next week.

Meanwhile, we invite you to go to the NGP homepage and scroll down for this week's news and commentary: including the current status of a shared, Arctic land heritage program called 'Beringia', potentially involving over 4 million acres in the Russian Far East and over 6 million acres in Alaska.  If you've never heard of this 22 year old program, it could be at the peril of your organization's strategic planning.  During the Oil and Gas Congress we asked U.S. Senator Mark Begich if any Beringia agreement would be ratified by the United States Senate as a treaty and he was quick to express interest in reviewing the matter.

We also comment on the weakening of the 'rule in law' in America.



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