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Energy Efficiency Resources Provided for Rural Communities


The Alaska Energy Authority Announces Village Energy Efficiency Program Recipients

Anchorage – The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) is working to reduce the cost of energy in Alaska, including promoting energy efficiency and conservation measures. Seven projects have been selected to receive Village Energy Efficiency Program (VEEP) funds:

Bristol Bay Borough School District- Naknek and South Naknek ($300,000)

City and Borough of Yakutat ($300,000)

City of McGrath ($192,980)

City of Koyukuk ($87,951)

Lake and Peninsula School District- Perryville ($150,000)

Lake and Peninsula School District- Egegik ($150,000)

Village of Minto ($200,000)

The initial goal was to provide $900,000 to small, high-energy cost communities to implement energy efficiency and conservation measures in their public buildings and facilities. Through the solicitation process, 84 applications were received, requesting $10.7 million in funds. In recognition of the high demand, AEA increased the total award to $1,381,000 and hopes to solicit another round of applications in spring 2014.

“The overwhelming response demonstrates a need for energy efficiency funding in rural Alaska communities, said Sean Skaling, deputy director of alternative energy and energy efficiency. “Energy efficiency measures can result in immediate and long-term cost savings. AEA’s energy efficiency programs have shown an average immediate annual savings of 29 cents per dollar invested.”

Proposed community improvements include retrofitting lights, replacing outdated HVAC equipment and boilers, improving insulation and building siding and replacing windows.

“In some instances, these funds are supporting community-wide energy planning and efficiency programs, including schools, public meeting spaces and health clinics,” continued Skaling.

Eligible VEEP applicants include municipalities, cities, school districts, unincorporated villages, Alaska Native regional and village corporations, 501(c) 3 tribal consortiums, regional housing authorities and traditional councils.

AEA's efficiency programs focus on commercial and rural public buildings, private commercial buildings statewide, industrial facilities and general education and outreach, AEA also provides support for the Alaska Energy Efficiency Partnership, AKEnergyEfficiency.org.

Additional information and applications can be found online at Akenergyauthority.org.

The Alaska Energy Authority is a public corporation of the state with a mission to reduce the cost of energy in Alaska. This mission is achieved by investing in Alaska’s infrastructure; diversifying Alaska’s energy portfolio; energy planning and policy; and training and technical assistance.

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