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Begich Promotes U.S. Trade With National Business Leaders and Top Government Officials


Stresses Arctic Development at Meeting of President’s Export Council
(video available)

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich yesterday pressed the importance of international trade to Alaska’s economy at a meeting at the White House attended by top government officials and national leaders in international trade and exports.

“For my state of Alaska, international trade is a big deal. We are the gateway to Asia for two reasons: geography and natural resources. The goods and services Alaskans produce are ripe for export – from healthy wild Alaska salmon to our expertise in how to produce oil and gas in some of the most challenging conditions on the globe.”

Sen. Begich is one of five U.S. Senators selected to sit on the President’s Export Council and is the chair of the Senate’s China Interparliamentary Council – a key leadership post given China’s recent role as Alaska’s number one trading partner. Sen. Begich also sits on the Senate Commerce Committee where he is the chairman of the Subcommittee on Oceans Fisheries, the Atmosphere and the Coast Guard.

“With climate change opening the Arctic to new transportation and development opportunities, the United States must be a leader. Already China and other non-Arctic nations are aggressively pursuing these Arctic opportunities and risk leaving us behind. I encourage the administration to support new Arctic facilities, such as Coast Guard bases and new ice-breaking ships, so America can protect our interests in this new region.”

Click on image for video of Begich’s remarks

About the President’s Export Council:

The President’s Export Council serves as the primary committee to advise the President on issues of international trade, export expansion, business challenges as they relate to trade and provides a forum for discussion and analysis of trade-related problems. The Council is comprised of members of Congress, 28 private sector leaders and the majority of the President’s cabinet secretaries and appointees. 


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