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Among Wolves Presentation


Among Wolves: Gordon Haber's Insights into Alaska's Most Misunderstood Animal

After over 40 years studying the wolves of Denali National Park, Dr. Gordon Haber--who died in 2009 when his research plane crashed into Denali's mountains--was convinced that wolf society is more rich and complex than current management policies take into account. In short, wolf management isn’t about the numbers.

Because the wolf’s basic social structure is their family group, hunting and trapping does far more damage than just killing a few wolves; it destroys family groups and extinguishes unique behaviors that take generations to form.

Today, with predator control, hunting, and trapping of wolves at a new high throughout Alaska and the western United States, with national park wolves at risk when they cross outside park boundaries, and with the threat of delisting for the entire country, Haber’s insights are even more valuable.

Based on a new book, Among Wolves, Alaska author Marybeth Holleman will present Haber’s up-close research with Denali National Park wolves. Through Haber’s remarkable photographs, stories and observations, Among Wolves shows the astonishing degree of cooperation between wolf family members. It follows the world-famous Toklat wolves, first observed over 70 years ago by Adolph Murie. It also describes the devastation to and fragmentation of these tight-knit wolf families caused by human killing. And it reveals the passion and wonder that Haber, in decades working in some of the harshest conditions on Earth, never lost.

Following the presentation will be an author signing and information tables by sponsoring organizations Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Center for Biological Diversity, Alaska Center for the Environment, and National Parks and Conservation Association. A portion of book sales will be donated to these sponsoring organizations.

Book Launch at Wilda Marston Theater, October 20th at 3:30pm

About the Book

The crash of Gordon Haber’s research plane in Denali National Park ended his life, his research, and his fierce advocacy for Alaska’s wolves. Among Wolves is a journey through Haber’s forty-three-year study and his startling findings. We witness astonishing cooperation as wolves hunt, raise pups, and play, and we watch the devastation to wolf families caused by hunting, trapping, and predator control. Reading Haber’s field notes and journals, hearing stories from friends, we feel some of the passion and wonder that Haber never lost.

“Among Wolves is a bargain ticket for an incredible boots-on-the ground and camera-in-the-cockpit science journey with the late Dr. Gordon Haber. Author Marybeth Holleman, an Alaskan who knows the country, will take you on a white-knuckle trip that will thrill you, anger you, and would have made Gordon Haber proud. Enjoy the ride.”

—Tony Knowles, Governor of Alaska 1994–2002

“This book, compiling Gordon Haber’s lifetime dedication to studying and protecting wolves, is an immensely important addition to the literature. He knew each one as an individual, observed the disruption of social bonds every time a pack member was killed. Among Wolves will enable those who were not fortunate enough to meet him to be inspired by his amazing stories, as I was. And it will help all those involved with wolf conservation long after his tragic death. Gordon was a hero, and I am sure the wolves howled when his plane crashed—animals know.”


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