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Wisconsin-Based Business Owner Tells How he Solved Health Care Costs for Employees


ANCHORAGE — Wisconsin-based John Torinus, Jr., former CEO of Seragraph, a graphic parts manufacturing business, says employee health care costs can be controlled while improving care.

Torinus will speak Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, at noon at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage. His appearance is co-sponsored by the state Department of Health and Social Services’ Health Care Commission and Commonwealth North, a non-partisan public policy forum. Attendees who do not wish to purchase lunch will be accommodated at a coffee-only table.

“Gaining control of medical expenditures had literally become a matter of survival for our manufacturing operations in the United States,” writes Torinus, in his 2010 book, The Company that Solved Health Care.

Torinus will discuss how his company spends one-third less than the national average to insure its workers. Three initiatives define his plan: 1) consumer responsibility supported by consumer-driven health plans, and price and quality transparency; 2) emphasizing primary care and chronic disease management; and 3) identifying health care facilities that offer the best value and rewarding workers for using them.

The Alaska Health Care Commission, concerned about hyperinflation in health care costs and the resulting impact on affordability and access to care, is exploring the ways in which the business community participates in health and health care. “Employers across the country and in Alaska are beginning to view health as a business strategy,” said Deborah Erickson, Executive Director of the Commission.

The Commission will have additional presentations and discussion, also at the Hilton, following the Torinus speech. All Commission meetings are open to the public, and participants at the noon forum are welcomed to attend the afternoon meeting.

For more information, or to make reservations for the Oct. 11 noon event, call Joshua Wilson, Program Director, at Commonwealth North, 907-258-9522, http://www.commonwealthnorth.org. For more information about the Alaska Health Care Commission, call Erickson, at 907-334-2474. Or visit the website: http://hss.state.ak.us/healthcommission/default.htm.

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