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UAA Professor Rosay awarded visiting executive research fellowship with National Institute of Justice


Justice Center Director André B. Rosay, Ph.D., has been awarded a Visiting Executive Research Fellowship with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). As a visiting executive research fellow, he will be supporting NIJ's program of research on violence against Indian women in tribal communities.

The Visiting Fellows Program brings leading researchers into residency at NIJ in Washington, D.C. to make important scholarly contributions in a specific area of criminal justice research. The Visiting Executive Research Fellowship also gives Rosay the opportunity to work with the NIJ director and staff to help shape the direction of NIJ's research programs.

Visiting fellows are accomplished researchers with credentials and experience that demonstrate significant achievements in--and a continuing commitment to--using research to advance our ability to solve the persistent challenges of crime and justice. UAA received a grant of $493,000 to support the research activities under this program.

Rosay is the first Alaskan to be awarded this fellowship. In fiscal year 2011, Rosay received more than $1M in external funding to support his research on violence against women.

Allan Barnes, Justice faculty, will serve as acting director of the Justice Center during Rosay's appointment to the National Institute of Justice.

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