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State Extends Moose Hunt RM841 for Unalakleet Area in Unit 22(A) Central


State Extends Registration Moose Hunt in Unit 22A Central

(Nome) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces an emergency order extension of registration moose hunt RM841 in the central portion of Unit 22A. The RM841 moose hunting season is extended until September 20, 2012.

Due to poor early season weather and local harvest needs, the season is being extended 6 days to allow additional opportunity to reach the harvest quota of 22 antlered bulls. If the harvest quota is not reached in the fall hunt, the emergency order also announces a “to be announced” winter season for antlered bull moose by registration permit in Unit 22(A) Central during the period December 1 to December 31, 2012.

The winter hunt would only be announced if the department determines that a winter hunt for any remaining portion of the quota can be administered without overharvesting the population.

The area included in the extended season for hunt RM841 includes Unit 22A Central, that portion in the Unalakleet River drainage and all drainages flowing into Norton Sound north of the Golsovia River drainage and south of the Tagoomenik and Shaktoolik River drainages.

Moose seasons in Unit 22(A) Central were closed in 2005 because of a declining trend in the area’s moose populations since 1989. A stratified moose census completed in March 2007 estimated 339 moose in the area, and beginning in 2008 the Alaska Board of Game adopted a registration moose hunt regulation with harvest quotas to prevent over harvest. A stratified moose census completed in

February 2012 estimated 545 moose in the survey area, which is a 13% annual rate of increase since the 2007 population survey. Based on the population in this area, the department set a harvest quota of 22 antlered bull moose for regulatory year 2012‐2013.

However, hunting after September 20 must be avoided to protect breeding bulls in the population for improved recruitment in the following spring calving period. Winter hunting, after the rut, is offered as an option if fall season harvest falls short of quota.

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