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Re-release of the Petroleum Supply Annual with data for 2011


The Petroleum Supply Annual (PSA) with data for 2011 is being re-released today (September 27, 2012).  This new release is primarily to update the format of data tables presented as PDF and Comma Separated Value (CSV) files to match the format of similar tables in the Petroleum Supply Monthly.  The data presentation in Petroleum Navigator remains unchanged.

In addition, today’s release to the PSA corrects a small error in the calculated stock change of “Renewable Fuels Except Fuel Ethanol”.  The August 30, 2012 release of PSA showed the 2011 U.S. stock change of “Renewable Fuels Except Fuel Ethanol” as 1,045 thousand barrels.  The corrected 2011 stock change is 1,035 thousand barrels.  Stock change quantities were corrected for the months of September and November 2011.  Correction of the calculated stock change also affected distillate fuel oil adjustments and product supplied.  Finally, today’s PSA release includes the latest revisions of 2011 crude oil field production data.

There are no plans for any further updates of PDF and CSV files with 2011 PSA data.  Revisions of crude oil field production will continue to be posted on the regular schedule in Petroleum Navigator.

Petroleum Supply Annual, Volume 1
Petroleum Supply Annual, Volume 2

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