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New Census Bureau Uninsured Report Demonstrates that ObamaCare Is Delivering Real Help to Millions of American Families


The Census Bureau today released its annual data for the number of people who were uninsured in 2011. The following is the statement of Ron Pollack, Executive Director of the national health consumer organization Families USA, about today’s report:

“The new Census Bureau report about uninsured Americans provides clear and unmistakable evidence of the current benefits of ObamaCare and the need to move forward with the full implementation of the law in 2014.

“Throughout 2011, ObamaCare enabled young adults (up to the age of 26) to receive health coverage through their parents’ insurance policies – and, as a result, people in that age group experienced a significant decrease in the number and percent who are uninsured.

“Children with pre-existing health conditions in the private insurance market as well as and children with public health coverage are already protected by ObamaCare. Again, thanks to ObamaCare, children, like young adults, experienced an increase in the number who are insured and a decrease in the number who are uninsured.

“For other adults who must wait for ObamaCare’s benefits to start in January 2014, the number and percent who are uninsured declined slightly, but remain high.

“The 2011 Census data on the uninsured are quite clear: ObamaCare is already providing concrete and significant help to hard-working American families.

“At the same time, the data also show the importance of moving forward with the new law’s improvements for every family member—improvements that are on schedule for 2014. These advances under ObamaCare will enable millions more Americans to obtain the peace of mind and security that comes with having high-quality, affordable health coverage. We must not slide backwards.”

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