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Harbour Report: Yesterday Mattered



13 September 2012 5:32am


Yesterday, the State of Alaska sent a message to Washington D.C. that the time has come to Charisse Millette, Sean Parnell, Cathy Foerster, Alaska, NPR-A, Legacy Wells, Orphan Wells, BLMcleanupmore than 100 contaminated oil and gas well sites in Northern Alaska when Governor Sean Parnell signed House Joint Resolution 29, the NPR-A Legacy Wells resolution this morning in Anchorage.
“Three decades after the federal drilling program stopped the wells remain unplugged,” said Rep. Charisse Millett (Photo, center, with Parnell and AOGCC Commissioner Cathy Foerster, by Jeff Turner) .  “This is a disgrace that every Alaskan, every American, should be angry about and demand that the BLM immediately create an aggressive cleanup plan for all the Legacy Wells.”
Starting in the 1940’s, the federal government drilled 136 oil and gas wells in the area now known as the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Three decades after drilling ceased only nine are capped and cleaned up in accordance with State of Alaska regulations.

Introduced by Millett during the 2012 legislative session, HJR 29...continue reading...


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