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Foodland IGA opens 9/9


(Juneau, AK – August 30, 2012) -- When the doors open and lights go on the morning of September 9th, there’ll be a new owner, and a continued commitment by Foodland, Inc. to have a grocery store anchor the downtown shopping and commercial center.  Rumors have been afloat for a number of weeks, but Gary Rosenberger of Foodland, Inc. is confirming the Myers Group of Clinton, Washington will open Foodland IGA in the space vacated the evening before.

According to Rosenberger, The Myers Group is a second-generation family owned business that currently owns and operates a number of retail businesses – from grocery to hardware stores – in western Washington.  Rosenberger points out that the Foodland Center has been serving downtown and Juneau for more than five  and is delighted to welcome the Myers Group and the Foodland IGA.

“Our family is truly pleased with the results of our search for a new operator to anchor the Foodland Center.  The Myers Group seems to have exactly the experience, skills and approach to their business that will be a perfect fit for us and Juneau. Their commitment to upgrading the store and their  grocery business experience tells us they are highly motivated to provide a community driven shopping experience.”  

John Williams of Juneau Real Estate brokered the transaction on behalf of Foodland Center.  He said that his exposure to Tyler Myers, the president of The Myers Group, demonstrated he really understood what the Foodland grocery store should be.  Williams toured some of the stores of The Myers Group and was very impressed with the way they were run. “Tyler Myers is an experienced retailer -- a quality guy and someone who knows how to empower those around him to provide the best possible shopping experience to their customers."

Williams also noted, “… the important role played by Alaska Marine Lines (AML) in putting Foodland Center together with the Myers Group.  We reached out in every possible way to find a competent business to take over the Foodland grocery and approached everyone we could think of with any relation to the grocery business for leads.  AML gave us numerous names and phone numbers of businesses in the Pacific Northwest which lead us to the Myers Group.  We think they are the best possible choice we could have made.”

Tyler Myers affirmed the company’s intent to retain employees, noting their Washington operations have employees who have been with the company since it began.  According to Myers, “Our intent is to retain all of the current employees at the same pay rate they were at with the previous owner. On Monday, September 10th, we will immediately stock the store and receive deliveries and believe that by Wednesday the store will be fully stocked with all departments fully operational.”

Myers offered reassurances for everything from butchers at the butcher counter, to meeting special dietary needs, offering ethnic foods and striving to provide fresh and quality produce.  And as for being a “good neighbor,” he pointed out, “We love being a staple in our community. We continually participate in scholarship programs for the local high-schools, sponsor community programs, host food bank & pet shelter drives, and give back to our communities as much as we can. Many of our weekly promotions are geared towards helping out the community.”

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