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Federal Coordinator issues status report on gas line environmental issues


The Office of the Federal Coordinator for an Alaska North Slope natural gas pipeline today issued a 12-page report summarizing the status of environmental permitting issues for the project. The federal office has tracked the issues since 2010 as TransCanada/ExxonMobil (doing business as the Alaska Pipeline Project) worked with federal agencies, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, toward an application to build and operate a pipeline to move North Slope gas to North American consumers. 
Though the sponsors have put that project on hold while they take a new look at pursuing a project to liquefy and export the gas to overseas markets, the Office of the Federal Coordinator sees value in issuing this status report covering such topics as air quality, wetlands, fish habitat, river crossings, contaminated sites, water quality, subsistence and geological studies. The permitting issues covered in this report are relevant for either pipeline project — whether it delivers gas to North American or overseas markets.

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