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Alaskans Spend $5.7 Billion a Year on Energy


ANCHORAGE, AK – Energy prices in Alaska rose 10 percent in 2011 and show no sign of slowing down, according to the Alaska Department of Labor. Every year, residents in rural communities across Alaska brace themselves to spend upwards of $10,000 on their energy bills. Individual Alaskans, companies and industries spend $5.7 billion annually, according to a study by the Cold Climate Housing Research Center.

The state has set a goal of increasing energy efficiency by 15 percent by 2020, and the Alaska Energy Authority is leading the charge to make this happen. This October, state agencies will focus on celebrating Energy Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity to unite Alaskans to solve the state’s energy crisis.    

AEA hopes to inspire Alaskans to make changes in their homes, businesses and communities. Whether it’s swapping out light bulbs or signing up for an energy assessment, working together Alaskans can cut down the amount of energy used across the state.

Alaskans are already working towards solutions and there are a number of stories to tell that Alaskans will identify with. During Energy Awareness Month Solstice Advertising can provide you with a list of energy experts and advocates that are available for taped or live interviews, plus we can assist you with a number of different story ideas.

If you are interested or would like more information contact Kathleen Peck or Jackie Bartz with Solstice Advertising at (907) 258-5411 or email kathleen@solsticeadvertising.com or jackie@solsticeadvertising.com

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