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Wind-Diesel Installations Stabilizing Energy Costs on the Kenai Peninsula (Aleutian Islands)


Warren Johnson, owner of Bear Lake Lodge just outside Port Moller Alaska has just installed a Proven Energy 6kW Wind-Diesel system. Located on the shores of Bear Lake, the lodge has an average of 16 mph winds annually. With energy costs already high and steadily climbing,

Warren decided it was time to try a different method to meet his energy needs. Warren Johnson first started working with Alaskan Wind Industries by conducting research on environmental impact, collecting wind resource information and working with Alaskan Wind Industries Financial team to apply for all incentives available.

With the support from AKWI, Bear Lake Lodge received all available incentives and
saw a large reduction in fuel cost from using his diesel generator. After 55% cash
grants and other incentives, Bear Lake Lodge's out of pocket expenses were less than
$17,000. During the winter months, this system is setup to give the winter watchmen
enough energy for his entire 5 month shift. This is expected to save Bear Lake Lodge
over $14,000 a year in diesel fuel in just 5 months, not including the other 7 months.
Warren Johnson's Proven Energy wind system is interconnected to a large battery
bank and then to a diesel generator. Bear Lake Lodge will first use power generated
from the wind turbine and batteries, and then may utilize power from his generator
to meet his energy needs. This setup for Bear Lake Lodge will allow his guest to run
100% off of renewable energy during windy days, however will not leave his guest
or his employees without energy during the calm ones.

Alaskan Wind Industries has installed numerous Proven Energy wind systems in
area's all over Alaska including the Aleutian Islands, Nome and other remote
locations. "In these locations where there are high winds and large gusts, these
systems often generate a large amount of energy production in just a few days. Wind
turbines that cut-out at 56mph, seem to really loose a lot of their capable energy production when they miss those great Alaskan wind storms". Says James Daggett, Project Manager for Alaskan Wind Industries.

A Proven Energy 6kW owner in the Kenai Peninsula was excited to see the production from his wind turbine in those very high winds, when most systems cut-out. Gene Palm from Nikiski stated that in "Roughly six days of strong northerly Nikiski winds will enable our turbine to produce enough electricity (750KWH) for an average household's monthly needs."

With the 30% Renewable Energy Business Cash Grants deadline this December 31st 2011, most rural businesses are looking to use this incentive quickly to stabilize their energy costs throughout the years. 'The AKWI financial team worked with Bear Lake Lodge to receive the most out of the incentives available. We expect to see a modest 2 to 3 year pay back period and a 19% return on his investment' said Nadia Daggett, Operations Manager for Alaskan
Wind Industries.

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