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Court Ruling

On Sept. 26, 2011, Alaska Superior Court Judge Eric Aarseth rejected all claims presented by the Plaintiffs represented by Trustees of Alaska.  In a highlight from his 133-page finding, Judge Aarseth stated: 

Plaintiffs have failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that any long-term and harmful environmental impacts have actually occurred or necessarily will occur at the project site or surrounding environment.

The harms that Plaintiffs' witnesses describe are speculative; they are neither harms occurring in fact nor did they show that the harm will necessarily occur.  Read the Court decision...


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State Wins Constitutional Challenge

The state of Alaska's mineral exploration program has been ruled constitutional by the Superior Court of Alaska. 

In July 2009, Trustees of Alaska filed a suit against the state that specifically targeted exploration activities at the Pebble Deposit.  In the recent Court ruling, the Judge found that the state did not violate Article VIII of the Alaska Constitution.

Plaintiffs failed to proved their allegations in five constitutional challenges.  Read more...


Court Recognizes Pebble Exploration as Environmentally Sound

As part of its decision in favor of the state of Alaska in a lawsuit filed by Trustees of Alaska on behalf of eight Bristol Bay village corporations and several individuals (Nunamta Aulukestai vs. State of Alaska), Alaska Superior Court has ruled that the exploration program at the Pebble Deposit is environmentally safe and operating responsibly.

The Pebble Partnership intervened in the case and was a participant throughout the litigation, which began in December of 2009.

The Court concluded that the Plaintiffs failed to prove their case and further found that the state of Alaska and Pebble proved that mineral exploration activities were not causing environmental harm or user conflicts.  The Court stated that: The evidence shows that more than 20 years after minerals were first discovered at Pebble, the site continues to have pristine water and support wildlife and fisheries resources.  Read more...



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The Pebble Partnership
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